Friday, August 22, 2008

Outgoing Mail

In American warfare vernacular, outgoing mail is a term for friendly artillery intended for the enemy. Here at Tigerbait, it's a you tube to get you in the the right mood about the Tiger's whipping their next opponent and just getting out of the office for the weekend. I give you: Drunken Lullabies by Flogging Molly.

This is one of the greatest bands you can see live right now. Their next American tour starts in September and you can bet I've already got my tickets for their show at the Varsity in Baton Rouge. Seriously, do yourself a favor, find where they are playing in your town or close by and go. Irish or not, you will have a blast.

Anyway, "we find ourselves in the same old mess, singing drunken lullabies". Summer is still here, it's hot, your job probably sucks, your dog probably did something just now you'll find later, your local town or state politics suck and the Chinese are taking the gold in cheating whilst flipping the world the bird. But school has started, fall is on the way and football is just one eency teency week away. Before we know it, that glorious season will be here and we'll be distracting ourselves with the pain, joy, aggravation, ecstacy, anger, sadness and more joy that comes with our beloved sport. Eating way too much and drinking way too mucher or muchest, we will gorge on football as well, and it'll be beautiful, fun and what the Almighty intended.

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