Friday, August 22, 2008

Eight days till

Hopefully we'll see a lot more of Trindon doing this. Mainly because I love Verne Lundquist's calls whenever Holliday breaks loose. Since it's Friday, we're having a clearance on youtubes and so you get 2 for 1 dear reader. Enjoy.

"It's Holliday! Oh it's Christmas now!" Goofy as hell but fun. The great blocking is a treat as well:

Gotta love Verne calling "it's over!" before Trindon has crossed our own 35:


  1. they should put that little bastard at QB and use him like David Palmer.....

  2. I'm not opposed to that. It would have it's practical uses sometimes. But you should've seen this one dude's idea on a Tiger msg board. It involved putting Holliday on defense split wide from the DE and rushing the quarterback. It would work because he so fast, he'd be in the backfield before anyone could do anything.

  3. as stupid as that is, its the kind of crazy ass batshit I could see Miles doing


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