Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Syracuse finally gets it right. A bit.

So there's LSU, Syracuse and what? UCLA rocking the old school shoulder stripe? I think that style is a perfect and classic take on uniforms.

This is normally the space you throw down other random links. There aren't really any I can find off the top of my mind at 2 in the morning. Just go look at Ric Flair videos on youtube or something. That should more than serve as an edifying part of your Wednesday.

Ok, here's some opinions:

-some are saying Miss State last year is/was a fluke. Bullshit. A team doesn't win in the same fashion game after game through their bowl triumph and serve as a fluke. Miss State had a game plan (mainly a defense that forced mistakes on your side of the field and made you pay) and made it work to the tune of a solid winning season and a bowl win.

State brings a lot of those players back, especially at the skill positions on both sides. As much as some don't want to give them credit (Ole Miss haters and other losers) you can't dispute that they had a style of play, won with it and are bringing the same guys to play this year, only with more experience and talent. I don't see State falling off of the radar.

-I watched todays episode of College Football Whatever on ESPN. Reece Davis does a great job on that show. It comes on at 2:30 pm central, you're at work and you should tivo/dvr it. It satisfies the cfb addiction for the day, keeps the shakes at bay and even provides some laughs a la Bob Griese in the colour chair.

Reece posed a question to Bob from an email regarding the preseason coaches poll and who was underranked (that's a word, don't doubt me). Bob, who's now in the running for replacing the departed Bozo the Clown, said Michigan. Great non-partisan work there Bob. That's beside the fact that Michigan being ranked at anything other than cool helmets and quiet stadiums is a big fat joke. Michigan, to anyone that follows college football more than the average sidewalk alumni, will suck worse than last year. Ohio State wins that conference, followed closely by Wisconsin. Then Michigan State or some other boring team you can watch Pam Ward talk about at 10am Saturday time will come in 4th or so. Michigan will be the Bama of last year, thinking they are close to being 'back' while having many games they lose or barely win.

-The Dark Knight is awesome. It's huge fun watching the Joker the second and third time. The first time is a bit creepy.

-Inspired by the discussion on Orson's Every Day Should Be Saturday radio show with Peter Bean, here's my call on the big games of the early season:

Ohio State wins going away in Los Angeles over Southern Cal.
Clemson exploits Bama's shoddy run defense for a win early on.
Auburn 'upsets' West Virginia at WVU.
UGA murders Arizona State in Tempe and makes several smart people a pile of money. Seriously, ASU gets treated to actual physical enactments of what the drill instructor in Full Metal Jacket insults recruits with.
LSU kicks the crap out of Appy St., Troy and North Texas and rolls onto a squeeker of a win against the Chop Blockers.

Go place your bets and send me a share when these all hit.


  1. Totally agree on State. I wanted Bama to hire Croom when they were looking at him.

    Totally agree on Michigan too. I can't see how they are actually ranked in some polls.

    I disagree on Ohio St. I don't see them going on the road and winning that one. same with LSU at Auburn. but then probably have LSU going 12-0 with those purple goggles you have on.

  2. I have LSU around 10-2 or worse. And frankly, with a green qb and brand new deep snapper and punter, things will be tight. I think LSU will play a lot of tight games and mistakes at those positions can easily turn a loss into a victory. Really, LSU has the talent and coaching to go 11-1. They could go 8-4 as well. It'll be fun.

    I see an Ohio St team loaded with talent and returning experience who will be pissed off this season. Southern Cal is their first and only real chance to make a statement.

  3. And Croom at Bama could've been deadly, if the locals could tolerate the time recovering from the probation.

  4. i really wanted him at the time. i knew they'd never go black though.


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