Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Eighteen days till

There's goes the great white hope for the new millenium, Jacob Hester, a man that made white men with questionable and/or closeting feelings on race and sexuality feel good again. I'm only part kidding. We all know how much some less desirable fans for LSU just effing love a white boy making it happen for the Tigers. But I digress. Hester kicked ass. He got the yardage we needed when it counted, did a great job on pass protection and picking up blitzes and managed a catch out in the flat now and then. I wish him all the best with the Chargers.

Eighteen days folks! A word the kids at tigerdroppings can't spell if you spotted them the e, i, g, h, t, e, e and n. Damn, that's a tiny number! I bet it's even smaller to the guys on the team that will soon be sick of hitting each other. Appy State is in for a rude awakening.

Post Script: I googled the number 18 since that's a cheap way of spell checking just so's I don't look like an idiot. The first page up is a wikipedia page for the number 18. That means some poor soul out there had nothing better to do that make a page for an effing number. A damn number. Not Napoleon or Bernie Mac or the War of 1812 or the Pirates of the Barbary Coast, but just a damn number. And I thought I had a boring, banal life.

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