Wednesday, February 20, 2008

What to do, what to do?

Well -

Here's the deal, in my opinion.

Perrilloux brings with him a nationally recognized name - for some good but also many bad reasons. And he's (until recently) the heir-apparent to the QB position on the defending national championship football team. Soo....

1. Everything he does (good or bad) gets immediate attention and will be blown out of proportion if at all possible.

2. Everything he does (good or bad) has a huge impact on his team, which lacks an experienced backup QB.

That leads to a very tough decision for Coach Miles. Disregard for a moment what is good for Mr. Perrilloux. We'll get to that. Coach Miles has to decide what's best for da Tigas.

Does he place what could be an insanely talented and dangerous offense in the hands of an unproven Harvard transfer or an unproven RS freshman QB? Or does he place said offense in the hands of a proven QB (at least partially so) with a record of screwing up off the field?

To me it boils down to whether Miles believes the Tigers have a legitimate shot at repeating as SEC Champs next year. If he does, he may gamble with Perrilloux. If he doesn't, then he gambles with Lee or Hatch.

Now, what's best for Perrilloux? The obvious answer is, straighten up and fly right. But outside of that, Miles surely has Perrilloux's best interests at heart. He appears to want Perrilloux to succeed, and not just so LSU can succeed. I think he feels a lot of loyalty and responsibility for Perrilloux. At some point, though, he has to let Perrilloux set his own course.

If Perrilloux can't stay out of trouble, then Miles has to let him go. How many times is enough? I don't know. But bailing him out every time he gets in trouble short of an arrest is not helping Perrilloux grow up. Miles may be able to keep Perrilloux in school, keep him on the team, help him graduate. But Perrilloux has to become a leader or he will fail at QB at this and the next level. After that, lots of doors close. Miles should be wary of creating the next Michael Vick.

I hope Perrilloux is our QB in 2008 and 2009. But not at the expense of the team. Miles should not be afraid of showing him the door if he's truly not playing team ball on and off the field. The fans and players will thank him, if not immediately, eventually.

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