Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Here's what's being said on the internetses:

Sports Illustrated's Stuart Mandel: "During the Tigers' championship run last season, Miles became synonymous with his unusually bold calls. It's time for him to make what would be his boldest call yet: To send his star quarterback packing."


Brian Lazarre @ TigerBait (Rivals, $$): "It looks like Perrilloux, the No. 1 quarterback on the depth chart during the offseason, is not exhibiting the traits of the past two national championship-winning quarterbacks – Flynn and Matt Mauck.

Most importantly, he isn't living up to his words of early January.

Former LSU coach Gerry DiNardo had numerous problems after allowing Josh Booty to join the football team. DiNardo may, and the word may is stressed, have had more success if Booty was never on the team."


Dandy Don: "Tuesday was a huge day for email and most of the messages I received were concerning the Ryan Perrilloux situation. I would say that a good 90 percent of the emails are in favor of Les Miles dismissing Perrilloux from the team and wishing him the best of luck."


Pelican State Sports: "I think it safest that LSU fans accept the notion that Perrilloux may never take another snap as a Tiger. And truth be told, he probably shouldn’t. He has had numerous chances, and somehow his name keeps coming up in bad situations. I don’t know what he has done this time, but I am going to get ready for the idea that Jarrett Lee will be the Tiger starter next year."


R. Pittman at Geaux Tuscaloosa: "I do not think this is the end for Perrilloux. I've heard too many stories recently of Perrilloux still being on campus, still being active and around. If he was gone for good, he'd be.. uh.. gone. If Miles wanted him gone, he wouldn't be suspended. He'd be dismissed."

"We will probably have a strong defense that will allow our offense to play somewhat more conservatively than it otherwise would. We can move on without him if we need to, and I think if Perrilloux sees that, he may decide to fall in line."


3rd Down H-Back at Loser With Socks: " Les Miles’ precedence on discipline is documented… don’t commit any Grand Theft Auto-type infractions and you’re cool. "

Crimson Daddy @ 3rd Saturday in Blogtober: "... Perrilloux has been indefinitely suspended. Of course we all know what an indefinite suspension encapsulates. It can be for good, or until Miles wakes up in the morning and takes a look at the depth chart and sees that there isn’t another body on it that has taken a live snap."


Orson @ EDSBS: "Not that LSU doesn’t have some other improbably talented, untacklable bayou cleatgenius lined up behind him. Because they do, oh, you know they do, just pulling them out of a portal located next to the stadium."


Sunday Morning Quarterback (SMQ): "Given his recent past - the infamous "four Heismans" prediction, alleged involvement in a federal counterfeiting ring, an arrest at a casino door (in a state that would put alcohol in the water supply if it could engineer it, no less) that earned a summer-long suspension from the team last year - there's nothing surprising about the thin ice under Perrilloux's feet cracking again..."

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