Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Two Head Coaches on LSU Sideline: Good Call?

Nebraska's Osborne has given new Head Coach Bo Pelini the green light to coach LSU's defense in the BCS national championship game on January 7, 2008. Les Miles has said repeatedly that this is what he wanted to happen.

Wow. Tough one. Blog wrapup:

GeauxTigers at And the Valley Shook is leaning towards "bad idea."

The Mean Lil' Black and Gold Girls says "Thanks!"

Dandy Don thinks it's great. Shocking, really. (I'm kidding. I read Mr. Don every day. But he the homerest homer in homerdom. Not that that is a bad thing.)

Only 15% of poll respondents at Husker Faithful said Bo should NOT coach the game. And Cornhusker blogger Jon thinks that he SHOULD.

Posters on TigerForums almost unanimously support the move. The only slight concern expressed was a possible egg-laying similar to Mark Richt's let down at Florida State in the BCS championship against Oklahoma on the eve of becoming Georgia's new head coach.

What do I think? I don't like it.

Head coaches at elite-level programs (even those, no ESPECIALLY THOSE, currently getting their asses kicked) are kind of busy. The good news is that Pelini knows Nebraska. The bad news is that Nebraska is not actually located near Louisiana, where Pelini now lives and works. Bo has to change jobs, move his family, hire coaches, recruit, put his kids in school, meet his players, and learn how to be a head coach. That means meeting with the Lincoln (and national) media, boosters, etc. Regardless of how focused Bo thinks he's going to be, he won't be as focused as someone not in his shoes. Paveto, for instance.

But I'm not a coach (except to my daughter's painfully suck-ass soccer team last fall), and I'm certainly not as familiar with Coach Miles' options as he is. So, let me just say STFU to myself.

I wish Bo all the best. But if his defense lays a Richt-sized egg in this game because he's worried about some Cornhusker issue, I will instantly become a Nebraska hater, purely on principle. And I'll be disappointed in Coach Miles.

If it goes well, then I'll be happy and not say another damned word about it.

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