Sunday, November 25, 2007

Your super awesome fun thought for Monday

LSU may be the first team to ever spend a week ranked unanimously ranked #1, and then lose on the second week in triple overtime. Twice.

That's all I got. Because the only solace I have is looking forward to winning a SEC championship and Sugar Bowl win. LSU has been skating by for a while now. Since the 2nd half of USC to be exact. So losing wasn't that unexpected. I had a conversation in my head as I am wont to do way too often during the 4th quarter that LSU wasn't going to win. Besides all the signals from the field, I just wasn't feeling it. And so post-result, I walked away from Tiger Stadium for the last time in 2007, still with a heavy heart.

Why was I disheartened? It wasn't losing on Senior Day. It wasn't losing to Coach Crazier Than A Sack Of Rabid Weasels. It wasn't losing a shot at the national title. With the Tigers' play, I wasn't really in the mood to consider it, much less if the Tigers were playing well enough to deserve a shot or win it. I was ticked because we blew a nice little home win streak.

I know, I know, big deal. But call me a traditionalist that takes a long view of history and circumstances. LSU had won 19 straight in Death Valley. Dating all the way back to a loss to Tennessee in 2005 to kick off the home slate immediately post Katrina. This streak had seen the defense of our home field for over 2 seasons, which is something I hadn't seen in my life yet. We had defeated the likes of Bama, Virginia Tech, Louisiana Tech, USL, Arizona, Arkansas, South Carolina, Mississippi St, Tulane and Kentucky. Twice this stretch had seen ranked Florida and Auburn squads visit and sent home with a loss. And then it's pissed away with a loss to the Hogs.

What to say? Arkansas wanted it more. Our defense was banged up. Whatever the case, I mourn what could've been a nice piece of excellence for LSU. And now, the Tigers must concentrate playing for important milestones. And as fans, we must look forward to witnessing the Fightin' Tigers fight for great glory in the shape of another SEC title and Sugar Bowl win. As aforementioned, I consider LSU's place in the history of the SEC and CFB. Things change slowly in that pantheon, one win at a time. And that's what I want to see, LSU adding a 10th SEC title, an even 7-7 Sugar Bowl record (possible 4th straight victory) and a less lopsided series record with the Tennessee Volunteers. Geaux Tigers!

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