Sunday, November 25, 2007


I could write for hours about everything that was messed up about that crap Friday night. But what's the point? There's no use putting lipstick on this pig. Arkansas played probably it's best game of the year. LSU did not.

Oh, there is more to say. Lot's more. Where should we start? The defense? The quarterback? The coaches? Again, what's the point? This is the team we have. This is the season we've been given - a season that is not over.

So we have two more opportunities to watch the Tigers, on national TV. And we all have a choice, now.

Do we let the crushing disappointment of the season that might have been ruin the season that is?

I won't. I'm not going to grieve for what might have been one more second.

So, it's all good. Six days to get ready for Tennessee in Atlanta. SEC Championship.

It's all good.

Just keep saying that. It's all good.

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