Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Points for Pondering and Procrastination

I can't help the business day move faster or cure that insomnia or have the magic solution for whatever ails your soul. I can give you some thoughts about LSU football for you to consider in the meantime:

1. The alien invasion has happened. Turns out our doom will resemble Invasion of The Body Snatchers. Because LaFell was definitely played by an alien last Saturday night versus Tech. He caught everything tossed his way, got some yards after the catch while looking confident and fluid while doing it. I welcome our new alien overlords if this means I don't have to scream at Lafell anymore and keep my bloodpressure lower. Who knew aliens could be so fun?

2. Our special teams are a continuing disappointment to me. Our kick coverage is killing me and giving my Dad an ulcer. On kickoffs, we have terrible lane/gap discipline. All you have to do to return a kick on LSU is hedge toward the middle and then bounce it hard outside. On punts, we go too far before breaking down. Our gunners and first guys down the field break down just about even with the returner. I'm no genius but you want your tacklers to keep the target in front of them and not at their flank correct? Kinda hard to tackle when your enemy is already beside you and heading the other direction.

These methods have been in practice all year and are being exploited more and more. I worry that Alabama won't be the last team to return a kick for a score against us. But I think we are working on a solution. We had a 4th and 1 or so against Tech at their 5. We ran a piss pour effort at gaining the first down on a run. Tech then took over at their 5. This was brilliant! Instead of kicking a field goal and then kicking off, giving Tech the ball somewhere around the 40, we buried them in the shadow of their own goalposts! I think Dooley was embarassed for being so terribly outfoxed. I know I would be.

3. Saturday night was the night you really wish you had the foresight to put $5 on a program. You would've been able to know who you were watching in the defensive secondary and offensive line in the later stages of the game. We used the zoom on a friends camera to figure out what the names on the jersey said. Took us a while, but we got it. First time in a long time I have looked around after a game and saw not one program laying around. Sure coulda used one. Whatever your methods, it would've been better to see those youngsters in there sooner.

4. As I said earlier, I wanted to see Tolliver get some Mardi Gras time. He got his fair show of throws and made some fine plays. I have been saying and will continue to say this guy is a future NFL standout. Once he gets more time in the system and puts on some muscle, he could be something. I really enjoy watching long passes thrown his way that look overthrown. He just finds this gear and glides underneath it for a huge gain or td. We're in good hands with Tolliver.

5. How does everyone in the conference have a cool flyover by now and we don't? State even had one, I don't care if it was a biplane. That was their president. It was his plane. That rocked. O'Keefe used to do stuff with NASA, get something to make a low orbit or buzz the Space Shuttle on by.


  1. Sure is nice to see JoJo with some mojo.

    I was using my laptop as the program - that's the only way I could keep up with who was in the game in the second half. Although, Jim and Doug were doing their level best on the "radio".

  2. bama football: "making a habit out of going 6-6...but i'll be damned if we can't put together a top notch flyover."


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