Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Basketball: Tigers Unimpressive Against Southeastern

I watched LSU struggle to beat Southeastern last night, 72-62. The Lions outrebounded the Tigers 38 to 29. Perhaps most telling - LSU had 3 offensive rebounds to the Lions 14.

The Tigers seemed to score in fits and starts, with long dry spells. Luckily, Southeastern shot a dismal .397 from the court and .571 from the FT line.

Based on LSU's lack of power play down low, the Tigers will have to score a lot of points and shoot well from the outside to win games this year. The Tiger big men just don't have the mass to block out under the rim.

Should be an entertaining season of 3-pointers and fast breaks. We may not win a lot, but it might be fun to watch LSU burn some very good teams if they can shoot well.

By the way, JuCo transfer Marcus Thornton and true frosh Anthony Randolph combined for 46 of LSU's 72 points. Thornton had 27. Taz Mitchell had 6 and was in foul trouble early and often.

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  1. I am so glad you are covering LSU basketball. My posts would run something like "John Brady is still our coach. Alcohol gets more and more attractive with every passing day".


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