Saturday, September 8, 2007

Pre-Game Prediction - Tigers By a Nose 17-10

With a point spread that's been hovering around 12 all week, and the Hokies players, coaches and fans basically saying they don't expect to win, it would be easy to fall into overconfidence tonight.

I don't think LSU's players and coaches are taking this game for granted. VT's defense is not MSU's defense, and Glennon is not Henig. This game will be a test.

Chances are good that the field will be wet, may even rain tonight against all common wisdom and the mythology of Tiger Stadium.

If LSU's offense were able to open it up tonight and protect Flynn and open some holes for The Committee, then I think the score could be something like LSU-31, VT-6.

However, it's still early in the season. The O-line is still finding it's way, Doucet's still the only proven performer at receiver, the tight-ends are still invisible, and it's probably going to be a wet game. We'll turn the ball over tonight at least once against a good Hokie Defense.

The DEFENSE will carry us through tonight, with outstanding play and a couple of key turnovers. They may even score a touchdown for us. Solid special teams play will also be hugely important against a Hokie team that prides itself on blocking kicks and punts.

We'll be too much for VT, and if the field is dry we'll be FAR too much. But I'll go with a wet night and an exciting and respectable 17-10 win for the Tigers. VT won't get more than 250 yards total offense. And I will have dreams of crystal footballs and a sweet New Orleans showdown with the Trojans....until I wake up and begin worrying about MTSU and their 500+ yards of offense on Louisville...

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