Friday, September 14, 2007


Tomorrow's most interesting unknown may not be whether Flynn starts but whether the Tiger Stadium crowd gets into the game. Let's face it - there's not much spin up for this one. The media is blase, the blogs are inactive, the message boards are talking about everything BUT the game.

So I'll be interested to hear if the crowd is into it. Not because it's mandatory for the win, but because many of the fans were hitting the exits early last week - against VT. A quiet Tiger Stadium that empties out after the fourth quarter begins would be sad - the team deserves better.

At any rate, I think LSU is every bit as powerful as they look, and MTSU is not nearly as powerful as their 42 point effort against Louisville might suggest.

The Tigers will score on their first 5 possessions and then play the bench - and keep scoring.

MTSU will get 3 points set up by a really good kickoff or punt return.

The Tiger D will get 2 more picks, and Steltz (if he plays) will get one of them. And we'll get a safety.


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