Monday, June 28, 2010

What in the wide world of sports is a goin on around here?!?!

What?!? A new post?!? Don't have a heart attack. Just a few thoughts here.

I think the Tigers are going to have a pretty damned good year and win the West. Them or the Hogs. Bama will lose three games, at least. I'll write more on this later. But seriously, I think this could be a good year. And Bama is terribly overrated. Why do you say that Joshua? Because you don't lose just about your entire danged defense and bounce back. Especially when that defense is a Saban defense. I know this, I've seen it before. Take a look at LSU post 2003. There were some dark days in '04 for the defense in the face of a good offense.

It's old news now that A&M won't be joining the SEC. Although, at some point in the near future, they will. The Big12/10/Texas conference won't last long. If anything, this is good for the SEC. We can continue to woo the Aggies while constructing a proper, well-thought out plan to bring in Virginia Tech. I think the SEC responded well in the face of events that happened very fast and forced their hand. It's better this way. I'll accept Mizzou in lieu of VT, but only if we give every effort to bring the Hokies into the fold.

It's kinda funny to look around at the evolving blogoscape of this series of tubes. Blogs that were lone wolves have now joined networks. And those blogs used to have a link roll linking to like minded school blogs or buddy blogs from old foes. Now, you can't find one link to a blog outside of their network. It'd be funny if it wasn't so pathetic. Pathetic since not linking doesn't just erase those blogs from memory or existence. Granted a user can and probably does use bookmarks to navigate their favorite pages. But it was nice to bounce around your circle of school blogs and even hit a rival page just clicking links. Now, everyone is happy to be a lapdog to the corporate masters. Like I said, pathetic. And this isn't born of any sour feelings here. This is the first post here in months. I think you dear reader and understand we're not about revenue and prestige here.

I'll get some countdown posts going. And I have some idears I have to remember. Maybe I'll post about the crap I said I would before LAST season. Yeah. right.

Come back in a few when I get all the tumbleweeds piled up, we'll have a boon fire. Better yet, we'll shoot some fireworks into to and set it ablaze that way.


  1. just in case the "i'll write more on this later" never happens (long shot i know), i figured i'd drip a very quick line on this post.

    i do agree that bama is overrated, but then 90% of preseason #1's are...or they at least end up that way. especially those that are defending champions. as a rational bama fan (oxymoron??), this season is all gravy for me. as long as they are competing for the west in november, i'll be happy. and i think they will be.

    and finally, i think the bama front 7 will bounce back just fine. as good as last year?? no, but pretty damn salty. the secondary on the other hand?? i'm preparing myself to watch a lot of plays with a bama d-back chasing a wr with the ball...but then you're never really prepared for that, are you??

  2. We're on the same page. I'm not saying Bama will suck. But....

    I really don't think any team can repeat as champs anymore. To become champions, it's a blend of salty talent, coaching, schedule and luck. Then there's a line of teams waiting the next go round that fit the bill as the champs are just coming off of a solid season that inevitably involve loss of key personal and schedule change.

    That said, Bama will be formidible. But I think asking for a repeat performance of that defense is completely unreasonable. And your point about the secondary will be one of the key differences on that side of the ball.


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