Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Latest Recruiting News You Should Not Trust (But May Be True...)

It's National Signing Day.  Which means I will struggle all day to get work done.  Although not as much as last year, since there's realistically only a few possible additions.  And, thankfully, noone is expected to pull a Janzen Jackson at the last minute.

Here's what I expect to happen today.  Let's see how I do - we'll check back tonight.

Today's commits will be:

Kadron Boone
Jarrett Fobbs

And I'm going out on a little limb and saying:

Trovon Reed

And one of:

Ego Ferguson, Justin Parker, or Some Other Dude.

I have no reason to believe any of this.  But there you go.

I love National Signing Day.  Let the drama begin.

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