Sunday, January 31, 2010

Let's Catch Up

Hey. Yeah, I meant to post. I been busy. 

Tiger Forums?  Well. Yeah, I had time to post there. You're right. But it's less complicated over there. I can just vent. Somebody else worries about formatting, etc. 

Lazy?  LAZY!   I guess you're right. 

Anyway.  Let's catch up. 

LSU should've beaten Penn State but didn't. No excuses. Offense stunk. Nothing else to say. 

LSU men's basketball is - uhh - "rebuilding".  The stench is horrible. I haven't watched much while on my "hiatus", but Trent Johnson can't seem to put a reasonable 5 on the court. Ladies seem OK but I honestly haven't checked in too long. I'll cover more details now that I'm back "to work.". 

Baseball is around the corner.  And who isn't ready for that?

Well. Other than National Signing Day this Wednesday, not much else going on. 

Recruiting wrapup next post. Plus another Two-Minute Drill. 

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