Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Random Shite to Read

Let's start with this assinine post at Bleacher Report. In case you don't know, anyone can write a story on Bleacher Report. Some are very, very good. Most are not. And some are just ludicrous. This one is plain stoopid. But every Tiger fan should at least read a little of it - just to get your Bammer hate on.

Good wrapup from NOLA's Jim Kleinpeter about Craig Loston (S) finally getting cleared by the NCAA to join the team, as well as a lot more. My guess is Loston won't necessarily see the field this year. But having him in practice and on the team is huge. Loston is a superstar waiting to be born. Linkage.

Guess who's the #1 "pollvaulters" in all of college football historical history? Yep, yep.

This is a long preview of the 2009 LSU team. It's not new, but this is a great time to revisit it. CFN does a great job with this. If you have the time, read the whole thing, including the links to the Offense, Defense, etc. And if you have even more time, read the previews of the rest of the SEC. Great job, CFN and Pete Fiutak.

Curious about the Huskies? Me too. Here's what some of the Ducks and Cougars are saying. Jake Locker for Heisman? Wows.

Did you hear about the Julio Jones/Mark Ingram fishing trip buffoonery at Alabama? Well, EDSBS gives it their trademark spin - click and laugh. Want something just as funny? The Advocate linked to a story about this incident in the Tidesports.com section of the Tuscaloosa News' website. Tried the link. It "cannot be found". Hunh. Wierd? Here, you try it.

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