Sunday, August 30, 2009

Guilbeau Writes a Good One

I've choked down my share of Glenn Guilbeau articles.  Generally, I find them to be annoying. 

It's not that Mr. Guilbeau doesn't do research or have interesting ideas.  It's just that he has adopted, for his own reasons and in my opinion, a contrarian viewpoint to LSU football.   Whether it's really how he sees it, or a ploy to generate emotion and therefor readership, it's annoying.  I could say more, but I'm sure he's a nice guy who I'd like to buy a beer and I just don't want to get anymore personal than that.

However, I just read his latest piece on Rahim Alem and Chad Jones.

Bravo, Glenn.  Very, very nice piece.  Great subject, great reporting, great article construction in my view.  Just really well done.

Favorite exerpt:

This season for the first time since 2004 at St. Augustine when Alem was still Jones and a senior and his brother was a sophomore, they'll be starting on the same team — Alem at defensive end, Jones at free safety.

"It's going to feel so much better with him on the field all the time because he raises my intensity," Jones said. "He raises the way I play. He raises my game. I love playing on the field with my brother — just like high school. This is his last season, so I'm going to try to make him go out with a bang."

Miles advised Alem to make sure he relishes it all.

"I told Rahim, 'You've got to recognize that some of these experiences that you and your brother are having, no other people are having,'" Miles said. "Those are dang special. Not only will you look back on your team, but you'll look back on your brother. What a great memory for life."
Wow.  I cannot wait to watch them all year long.


  1. Wonder if Guilbeau's article was based on Bob Wynn's July 23rd article
    "LSU's Jones Brothers and the Temple of Doom"

  2. If I could prove that, I could start a message board inferno.

  3. Jeff gave me a heads up via an email about my anonymous defender. To the anonymous person - Thanks for reading. It is people like you that keep me working hard. As to the comment - I think that writing about two brothers starting on a team of LSU's caliber is kind of a gimme. I am surprised that there are not more than the one I wrote in July and the one Guilbeau wrote this week.


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