Monday, May 4, 2009

Too bad Hitler went after the Jews and not Ar-Kansas fans and staff

Saturday: Ranaudo hits two Ar-Kansas batsmen and the fans are booing more lustily that they do when Obama gives a speech on tv. Here's a hint: our ace is not going to try and extend the inning by hitting guys when he's up in the count with two outs on those guys. Both times! Add to this he was obviously having control issues. Sheer genius. But this not to be outdone.

Sunday: Inclement weather had parked itself in Fayetteville the whole weekend much the same as fat girls persistently keep showing up as a match for me on eHarmony. So what does the ground staff do? Leave the damned tarp off the field before the game, allowing the mist and intermittent rain to turn the field into goop the likes of which you can only sell for mud cones to Early Cuyler at the Dougal County Mud Days festival. Utterly brillant.

That's it, just two reasons I'm suggesting Hog adherents and Ar-Kansas Athletic Department layabouts be included in the Holocaust. There's a terrible joke in there about having Jews and Hogs in one terrible situation together, but I think that's taking it a normally comedic situation and just devolving into bad taste right?

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