Sunday, March 15, 2009

More Baseball

Recently (ahem - this morning...) I inferred that the LSU bats were doing great. Well, I should rephrase that. Certain LSU bats are en fuego. Others - not so much.

These three gents are burning it up right now. The first fella, Sean Ochinko is batting .484, slugging .844, and getting on base 52% of the time. He's second on the team with 6 homers and leads the team with 27 RBIs. And he's only struck out 5 times this season so far out of 64 official at bats. Not bad.

The second fella is DJ LeMahieu. He's slacking. He's only batting .429, slugging .629, and getting on base 54% of the time.

The third dude, Jared Mitchell, is hitting .455, slugging .879, and getting on base 64% of the time. Yes, that's correct. 64% of the time. That's because he's walked 16 times already. He's also stolen 17 bases on 17 attempts.

These three are carrying the load for Dean and Gibbs, who aren't SUCKING, but are struggling a bit at .250 and .259 respectively. Interestingly, both Dean and Gibbs are still getting on base about 40% of the time, thanks largely to smart at bats that ended in walks.


This little fella (5' 6", 163 lbs!) is one to watch. This is Tyler Hanover, a true freshman playing third. He's hitting .333 and slugging .615. His OBP is lower at 35%, but that's not surprising. He's a freshman. He swings a lot. He's only drawn 2 walks so far. But the rest of his stats are friggin awesome for a freshman.

So. LSU's bats are not completely alive. But the Tigers have 33 homers in 17 games. Add 39 extra-base hits to that. Not bad. Last year, the Tigers hit 100 homers in 69 games. I don't know what the numbers were at this time in the season last year, but statistically, the Tigers are on a line to surpass 100 well before 69 games.

Bottom line: it's not awesome, but the hitting is there. And if these fellas can stay hot, and Dean and Gibbs can wake up - it's gonna get fugly. In a good way!

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