Friday, March 13, 2009

Kentucky Postmortem

I watched the game and LSU lead the whole way, so you would think it was fun. But it was nerve racking at times because LSU never established a dominant lead in order to coast for a while and the shooting was, at times, turrhble. I think they shot 31% at the half.

Marcus Thornton put on a showcase of why he deserved and won SEC Player of the Year, doing everything: steals leading to fast break layups, off balance threes, offensive rebounds and putbacks, set threes, and decent defense. Bo Spencer had a rough game, he took some bad shots and missed some of those and some easy shots. But he settled down late hitting a big three and clutch free throws. And Tasmin came on strong for the Tigers in the second half.

The defense was outstanding most of the time, forcing several turnovers and really shutting down UK's marquee players, Meeks and Peterson. And they never let up. This was the solid effort LSU displayed all season long that made them SEC champions.

Kentucky fans are crybabies. I've never heard a fanbase show up to a neutral arena and boo everything that goes wrong. It's as if they think their Wildcats are too good to foul, lose and just generally suck. Speaking of that, it's going to be an interminable offseason, NIT or not, between Gillespie and the Cat fanbase. I love it. That's what they get for being spoiled and too hasty on firing decent coaches.

It's a nice feeling to beat that program twice in a year, on their court and on a neutral court. Next up is probably Miss State (they are currently winning with 90 some seconds to go). The best part was the interview after the game with Taz and the SEC Player of the Year. Thornton had on some obviously worn kicks. He said he had brand new ones on but Taz convinced him that was bad luck and to go with the old ones. The toes were about blown out on those. It was a funny little bit of insight to the kids that play and win for beloved LSU.

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