Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Tigers face past in present

LSU got after Ole Miss from the tip off and never looked back. They did what they need to do to win games, which is shoot the lights out, take care of the ball and force the other team into mistakes. It was a pleasure to listen to (I was on the road). It's hard to single any one guy out, the team performed that well.

They'll need to to it again right now (as I am typing in the lobby of a Comfort Inn, they should've tipped off by now). Mississippi State is similar to LSU and Ole Miss in that there's no dominant frontcourt man, there is a reliable and prolific scorer (Varnado) and this is a must win for either team, again.

This is going to get to be somewhat of a theme around here, but that's basketball. If LSU is going to entertain thoughts of the Big Dance, they simply must win this type of game. It's stark and not a fun way to look at it, but it's true. Therefore, lose yourself in the actual game. Enjoy the progress of these kids because they have hit something of a stride here in the last coupla games. Let's see if Temple keeps having all around solid games, if Bo Spencer keeps shooting and any one of the other storylines with these kids keeps rolling.

In the end, I think the Tigers take this. Now Saturday against Xavier, that's tough.

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