Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year's Quickie: 2009 Starts With a Bang

A lot of the immediate reaction to the win last night will be centered on the play of freshman QB Jordan Jefferson. And Jefferson played well - especially in the first half, but actually all game. Only in the fourth quarter did he start making some silly mistakes - like throwing 40 yard bombs into heavy coverage when he could've just run for the first down. I'm guessing he was trying to manufacture another TD strike like the one to LaFell that was called back. But I digress. Jefferson had a great night.

But the defense won that game and won it handily. First, and most importantly, I think LSU won most of the matchups. Second, they were well coached, very prepared, and disciplined. And third, they manufactured turnovers.

Jordan Jefferson got the MVP ball, but I would've given mine to the LB'ers and Chad Jones. Beckwith, Riley, Sheppard and Jones had a great night, keeping the Georgia Tech running game in check. And if I had to pick one, I'd pick Chad Jones because of his all-around performance - the first quarter pass breakup that saved the touchdown; the many great tackles; and his special teams play.

Couple more quick points then I go nite-nite.

1. Special Teams - outstanding. Coverages were great except for one good return by GT. Outstanding onside kick. Awesomely executed fake punt. Kickoffs into the endzone. And Brady Dalfrey punted very, very well.

2. No LSU turnovers. Although - Jefferson in actuality fumbled twice. The first was called a forward pass - bad call, it was a fumble. The second was recovered and Richard Murphy saved a safety with his legs.

3. The fake punt - is it just me, or did that seem very unlike Les Miles? Up 38-3 late in the game and he fakes a punt? I have to say - with nothing else on the line (BCS computer stuff, for instance) and no real chance that GT was going to comeback - I was disappointed we chose to do that. However, it was really well executed.

4. Colt David ends his outstanding LSU career with a 53 yarder! What a great way to go. I hope he finds a fat paycheck in the NFL because he's been awesome at LSU.

Lots more to talk about. But for now, I just want to give props to the LSU football team for not only making Tiger fans and the SEC proud, but finishing out an otherwise frustrating season with pride and gusto.

Congrats to the seniors! Geaux Tigers!

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