Monday, December 1, 2008

What I'm hearing

The Orgeron is interested and has been contacted in terms of d line coach and recruiting coordinator. And in case you were wondering about current d line coach Lane, he's gone. Miles is neutral or even not interested in this.

MY TWO CENTS: This would be awesome. The unknown is how he would accept/work with the idea of just doing that job and answering to a defensive coordinator. Miles should get over whatever might be hindering him and work to make this happen.

Crowton is not happy (Miles, as most thought, was keeping the reins tight on him) and has looked at other destinations. Miles wants to keep him and wants to up his salary and offer him total control.

MY TWO CENTS: Why isn't a proven offensive genius like Crowton enjoying total (or close enough) control of the offense in the first place? One must acknowledge that a guy like Crowton won't stick around forever. But damn, a talent like that, you should do everything you can to keep him around as long as possible.

LSU has talked to Chavis, the d coordinator at Tennessee and possibly Greg Robinson, fired coach of Syracuse.

MY TWO CENTS: Either would be nice and an upgrade at the position in dire need of such. I really like the idea of Robinson, who kicked some ass at Texas.

The TAF is very unhappy and has let Miles know it.

MY TWO CENTS: Well no kidding. That's why I got less upset as the season finished out and LSU got worse and worse. You gotta know if you're upset, the money boys are pissed. Thus, while you and me and Joe Fan can't do much but bitch to our friends and vent on message boards, pressure is being applied from powers that be.

Other analysis:

We want Peveto around in some diminished capacity. He's a good coach with an aggressive mindset. He's proven himself in smaller jobs and is worth keeping around. Mallory must go and I heard he's gone anyway so good.

I hope to hear about moves being made soon before the bowl game so this program can move forward as fast as possible.

Another note on Crowton. He loves mobile quarterbacks like Jefferson and Shepard. I welcome this type of work. I think we saw glimpses of what Jefferson can do last week against Arkansas. I for one would like to see Jefferson take all the bowl practice snaps, start and play the bowl and move on into spring as the #1. Shepard can come in and learn as a understudy. And Lee, who knows where his mind is and what good he can be, can take the role of capable backup.


  1. Orgeron scares me anywhere he goes because he's a recruiting guru.

    Jefferson is the best option at QB but its just a matter of time before he gets hurt. He takes a ton of hits and isn't a rhino like Tebow.

  2. i agree with ld about orgeron, however that's why he would scare me more at tennessee than lsu. tennessee needs a recruiter, whereas lsu has no problem recruiting as it is. as for the orgeron as a defensive coach...ehhh. he's solid but nothing that frightens me. i would welcome him to lsu for the comedy aspect it brings more than anything. robinson was impressive at texas, but i would reserve judgement on him until he washes the stink of syracuse off of him.

    i don't know what to say about the crowton thing. if les has had him handcuffed, yet promises to not handcuff anymore, i'd be leery of that if i'm crowton. its tough to pass judgement on this guy given the turds he had at qb this year.

  3. LD,

    I agree about Jefferson, however, I think a guy like Crowton can draw up the offense that maximizes his potential while minimizing the exposure. And that leads me to...


    I think Crowton is a formidable offensive mind. He's proven it most everywhere he's been. He's not the be all, end all, but he's damn good and it pisses me off that Miles was handcuffing him.

    As for Da Coach O. Go read Pittman over at ATVS. He's dead on in that, and I think both of you are alluding to this, Orgeron is a potent recruiter and not much of a coach. Therefore, he needs that hybrid position coach/recruiting coordinator position. It's just tricky since he's been a HC (ill fitted as he was for it) and now d line coach for our Black and Gold. It's a weird move for him to make if he does.

    I'm sold on Robinson, he was great at Texas and if anything, I think he would welcome a return to just being DC as he obviously can't cut it at HC.

  4. i pretty much agree with everything you (and atvs) said, i'm just saying that the greatest thing coach o brings to the table seems to be recruiting, but at lsu there is little room for improvement. i mean what is he going to do, take lsu from the #4 class to the #2 class?? but if he were to go to tennessee and take them from say #15, back up to top 5 like they used to be, that would scare me more.

    hopefully no matter who they bring in les can find a way to keep things right around 7-5. i keed...but i'm serious.

  5. I meant to say I agree with you about UT and I forgot. But yeah, it would mean more from your's and Bama's perspective to have Da O at UT.

    But I'm of the opinion that anything my interests do to further shore up their position is smart and fine by me. So I would welcome having that guy at LSU. USC doesn't seem to mind living in the top 3 in recruiting, can't hurt here.


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