Friday, December 5, 2008

Outgoing Mail

In American warfare vernacular, outgoing mail is a term for friendly artillery intended for the enemy. Here at Tigerbait, it's a you tube to get you in the the right mood about the Tiger's whipping their next opponent and just getting out of the office for the weekend. I give you: Falling To Pieces by Faith No More.

The lyrics sum up my life quite aptly right now. Between football, love life and life in general, this song is me for now. Plus, it's Faith No More and you can't go wrong with more of that. And, I always liked their videos simply because they were different. Added bonus is Mike Patton's oringal outfits, weird eye/hand symbol and zany prop use of taxidermied animals.

It was this or an Obama video since I'm hoping the Hope and Change that campaign promised us all could rub off on Miles and he brings some of that to our defense, preferably before the bowl game.

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