Wednesday, December 17, 2008

LSU Concise Coaching Catch-up

Yeah, you like that title don't you?

Just in case you're wondering, too lazy or dumb to go to an LSU message board (in and of itself a destination that can be defined as lazy and dumb) or just stopping by because you're one of the two people, imaginary or otherwise, that read this blog for your LSU updates, here is what I have gathered and know:

Miles is making changes, but I guess being nice about it since he hasn't canned anyone's sorry ass on the defense. Now the news is that Peveto is the top candidate for the Northwestern job (yea! kind of since the dude wasn't a bad position coach for us, but still a yea since he sucked at his current job) and Mallory is headed to New Mexico (double yea and thank you God).

Also, as I mentioned a while back, Lane, the defensive line coach, is gone. Fine with me, our front four failed to impress. This leads us to who's going to replace them.

The rumor is that Miles wanted DeWayne Walker last year. That didn't happen and we got the defense-that-won't-be-named that we all know and love (especially our foes) since Miles just named some buddies to ATTEMPT to run SOMETHING resembling what Pelini did. Walker was again mentioned for the job, but it's known that he was holding out for a possible head coaching job somewhere, mainly San Diego State. Well, San Diego St just named someone not named Walker. That leaves it up to Walker I guess, if the job offer is there.

Remember when I wrote that Orgeron might be interested in coaching here but Miles wasn't and there was bad blood between them. Turns out, no. Miles and Da Coach O were seen making nice and talking amicably in the suites at the state championships at the Dome. Clicky for artistic video interpretation:

This is good. Very good. Orgeron would be brought in as recruiting co-ordinator and DL coach. Maybe DC. But it's just awesome that Miles is working on this if it's true and it certainly seems that way.

Whatever the case, Miles has said in the media that no changes happen until after the bowl. Now, some of the changes (Peveto, Mallory) might take place before and then Miles is free to recruit in lieu of not having a DC or make the hire he wanted to. I've also heard that Miles is waiting to see how the NFL shakes out to see who else might be available. I don't know about that.

The fun thing to credit Miles with here is what people were cursing him for, taking his time on making the right changes. Miles has been patient and no doubt had LSU agents/boosters/shady dudes working and talking to guys while he has helped or allowed the guys that need to go find another job without adding the taint of firing their ass. So, Miles looks nice and smart and patient doing all of that. I will happily accept that, deluded or not since I've been looking into changing to whatever religion would give me the ability or powers to make Miles do something about the damned defense.

That's all I know and as we learned from the shorts at the end of GI Joe, knowing is half the battle. Here's a classic that's been sliiiightly redone, but it's efficacy (Bama & Auburn fans read: kickassedness) is potent (read: asskickingest):

Note, there's a fair amount of not safe for work language in there (read: Dad, don't watch this with Mom around).

(Hell, Dad, just don't bother, it's more of that internet stuff I cackle at while you simultaneously raise an eyebrow and question your raising of me. But I am proud we connected that time over the Dramatic Prairie Dog)

Ok, so there was a lot of NSFW language. I think that 39 second video might set a record for use of the f bomb.

Pork chop sandwiches!!!

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  1. One of the two here. I think Walker is a much better hire than Orgeron. LSU is need of improvement in scheme more than recruits.


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