Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Non-Soapbox Acknowledgement of Ass-Kicking

Sorry folks. This past 3 months has been a bit busy in my real life.

Ole Miss pwn3d LSU. Really, is there much more to say? It wasn't even close. With or without Jarrett Lee. Regardless of penalties, and turnovers, and anything else.

Ole Miss is a better football TEAM than LSU.

Now. Let's also get a bit real, here. LSU is not a 3-4 SEC TEAM. We have a 3-4 SEC quarterback situation. We're a 5-2 SEC team, considering how unimpressive our defense has been. But with reasonable quarterback play, we beat Ole Miss and Bama no problem.

But does any of that matter at all? Of course not.

Ole Miss and Bama beat LSU in Tiger Stadium. Enough said.

Is Bama the #1 team in the nation? Of course not. Florida will settle that in Atlanta. It's not even close. But it would be foolish to short change the transition in Bama football and the resurgence of that program.

Is Florida the #1 team in the nation? I can't imagine anyone else who will beat them.

As far as the Arkansas game, I honestly could not care less at this point. I'm going to watch, and I'm going to root for my Tigers. But nothing will surpass the disappointment of last Saturday night. So a bowl is a bowl at this point. I'm already looking forward to the Spring Game.

And baseball season.

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