Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Most Valuable Seniors: Just for Fun

Lifted from a post of mine on TigerForums. Just for fun, I've taken a stab at who I think the most valuable seniors are this year in terms of how much they'll be missed next year.

1. Brett Helms, C (leadership, experience, talent)
2. Colt David, PK (consistency, reliability)
3. Herman Johnson, OG (experience, size, talent)
4. Quinn Johnson, FB (blocking, replacement?)
5. Darry Beckwith, LB (experience, speed, replacement?)
6. Tyson Jackson, DE (experience)
7. Kirston Pittman, DE (experience)
8. Marlon Favorite, DT (experience)
9. Curtis Taylor, S (experience, hitting)
10. Ryan Miller, OL (experience, depth)

Notes: OL over DL because I think the DL has more experienced backups based on the rotation (Nevis, Alem, Woods, etc.). D Byrd left off because I just don't think we're going to miss him next year. He had the potential, but it didn't materialize with our QB issues. And I have a feeling Toliver and Chris Mitchell and some of the new guys (Dixon, etc) will fill his spot adequately. Curtis Taylor would be higher but I honestly think Chad Jones and Danny McCray are ready to step up, plus some of the new guys look very good as well. QJ is up there because, unless they move Theriot or play the new freshman commit Allen, I'm not sure we have a true FB left on scholarship. Ridley looks like a TB to me. Beckwith has been disappointing. I expected to rank him higher. In truth, the entire defense has left me a bit p!ssy. Guess it shows. I didn't even rank Tremaine Johnson. Alexander was hurt and too limited. I think had he been luckier with his health, he would've been an amazing DL. Brady Dalfrey? Too inconsistent. Had a few good games, though.


I looked at who will be the most valuable seniors NEXT year in terms of needing to contribute for LSU to compete for a championship.

1. Rahim Alem, DE - pass rush, for Pete's sake - PLEASE!
2. Brandon LaFell, WR - needs an all-SEC year
3. Charles Scott, RB - leadership, ball security, tough yards
4. McCray/Hawkins/Coleman, DB - lead the young talent
5. RJF, DT - needs to dominate the middle lane like Dorsey
6. Cutrera/Riley, LB - one of them needs a great year
7. Hitt and Black, OL - cover/tutor Hebert and new LG
8. Richard Dickson, TE - just keep being solid

Notes: Alem showed signs of promise this year. If he can get some LB help, I think he can be all-SEC as a pass rusher. Better than T. Jackson. Lafell and Scott seem obvious. 4 and 6 are copouts - but this is our biggest issue next year and the lynchpin to a run at the Top again. No defense, no championships. 7 and 8 seem obvious as well.


  1. can you guarantee me kirston pittman won't be there next year?? i'll believe it when i see it.

    no trindon on the list for next year??

  2. Funny on KP. He's, what, 38 now?

    I don't see Holliday as a key to anything. He's dangerous, and can have an impact periodically.

    Honestly, I'd rather have a guy a step or two slower, but a bit more versatile - Early Doucet. He's pretty much a one trick pony. It's a neat trick, though. When he can pull it off.

  3. i just see holliday as a guy i've always feared, but has never really done much, and may want to step it up at some point in his life.


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