Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Stock Market

The nation looks to Baton Rouge, not New York to see the true condition of things that matter. Here's the current outlook.

-Charles Scott
We were kinda on this guy before the season, Jeffrey more than me. Pittman over at ATVS had a great point that yes, the offensive line is crucial, but Scott is averaging a ton more yards per carry than Murphy or Williams. This guy is the go to back we haven't seen in a while.
I had very little faith in this guy after the spring game and seeing him in the first 2 games, never more so than the first half of the Auburn game. We all know what happened after that. I think as long as he can maintain his confidence he'll do fine at Florida.
-Jai Eugene
This guy has been solid in coverage. That's all I ask. We needed him to step up and fill one of the vacated corner spots and he has so far. Of course, UGA and others will provide a stiffer test.
-Harry Coleman
I'll be honest, I wasn't expecting a great deal simply because I was largely ignorant of this kid. He's done well.
-Our tailgate. It used to be my tailgate, but we've had some people step up and take ownership of the program, their team. It almost makes me cry to see the kids growing up and fulfilling promise.

-Chad Jones
My man is having trouble with coverages. I groused about it after App St. and it's still glaring after Miss St. Hey, he's a true soph. So this is a buy/good deal. But we really, really need him, McCray and other backups/nickel backs to step it up against UF and UGA as they will have to consistently and competently defend the slot back.
-The fat sheriff's deputy who watches my section at Tiger Stadium. She is almost totally despised by the season ticket holders in my area. Multiple times she tells or even yells at people to behave and be polite. Lady, and I use that term loosely, this is the South Endzone of Tiger Stadium. It ain't ever been nor should it be proper and polite. I could go on and on, just like her waistline, but I won't.
-My tolerance. Nothing bad happened (no passing out, puking or arrests), but I expected better performance this year. More food and water is the key. Actually a good story here might put this into the Up category.

-O line
The running game is awesome. we'll find out more as we face UF, UGA and Bama d lines. Passing protection needs some work.
-My cooking. Everything turned out ok at the first tailgate. No one got sick or died. The high profile dishes came off well or improved. Expectations are high so it's hard to live up to. I must strive for excellence, it's what made America great.


  1. I'm extremely disappointed in your tolerance. I'm not sure you completed the proper training regimen during the off season.

  2. shoot, I thought all the drinking during and after the hurricane would've gotten me in better shape. There was nothing else to do.


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