Saturday, September 27, 2008

TIGERS WIN UGLY BUT EASY - 34 - 24: Quick Look

Most importantly - GET WELL, DAD! Hope you're feeling much better!

Overall: LSU did not play particularly well tonight but was in complete control of this game from the moment Pegues was tackled on that kickoff return. It was an ugly easy win. Which is still a win. And there's a lot of stuff that points to more great things this season.

  1. Survival skills. The Tigers had multiple opportunities to implode tonight after poorly timed penalties or turnovers. They didn't implode. They took their licks and came back swinging.
  2. Jarrett Lee. Although he had some scary moments tonight, he played very well and is looking more and more confident.
  3. Receivers. Lee threw some nice passes, but he also benefited from some nice grabs by Lafell and Dickson. Lafell continues to look studly.
  4. Charles Scott. 140 yards and a 5+ ypc average. Four 100 yard games in a row. Yeah, baby.
  5. Only five penalties, and one of them was total BS.


  1. Turnovers. We gave two and got zero. That won't work against UF, UGA and Bama.
  2. Pass coverage. LBs and safeties had a bad night. Croom and his staff had their number.
  3. Punt return team is still not comfortable.
  4. Depth at RB? I wonder. We tend to assume we have a stable of great backs because of how we used them last year. But I wonder if KW or RM or any of the others can step up and replace CS if necessary.

Ugly easy win. The game was never really close after LSU scored it's first TD.

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