Tuesday, September 2, 2008

+'s and -'s


My cellphone has been the most reliable thing about Gustav, besides the darkness, shit everywhere and rain. After Katrina, cell phones immediately crapped out. In a significant upset, I'm able to dial local or long distance with the cell while the land line is spotty.

Charles Scott
Dude was a man on Saturday morning. Liked this guy before the season from what I say last season. Love him now. Runs with power. He may not have the breakaway speed, but the dude can hit a hole, make some yards and hit the dude trying to tackle him at the end.

Folks in charge
Louisiana appeared to have its shit together and we did. Record evacuations. Nice preparedness. Things suck, but they coulda sucked far, far worse.

Honda Generators
They're quiet. They sip gas. The give me the ability to blog right now considering my modem and laptop on powered by one of theirs.


A hale and hearty fuck you. Your winds were impressive. Sometimes scary, but awesome to see. But the aftermath. Ugh. You suck.

Punting and kickoffs
I tried to tell y'all it would suck. And it does. Bad. We can kick off into the endzone or anywhere close to even try and get a touchback. Punting is an embarassment. This is going to cost us.

Just because.

Lee's Passing
Dude just locks onto that first receiver and never checks off. It's not surprise that 3 of his 4 incompletions hit App. St. players in their hands (one int) since all they had to do was just watch him.

There you have it. You'll get more whenever.

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