Saturday, August 30, 2008

Tigers Win: 41-13

I'll have more detailed stuff in the Sunday Soapbox, but here's my initial breakdown.


Charles Scott had a fantastic day and Keiland Williams did not. I wish I had seen more of Richard Murphy, and Stevan Ridley caught my attention - he looks good.

The QB situation is still unresolved, to be generous. Overall, I liked Hatch's play better than Lee's, and not just because Lee threw the interception. Hatch was more poised and didn't stare his receivers down as much as Lee. Some folks seem disturbed by Hatch's arm strength - and certainly he doesn't have a cannon. But I think this topic is being oversold a bit. Hatch can hit receivers out at 20-25 yards with enough authority to keep the secondary honest. That's all LSU will need.

Brandon LaFell and Demetrius Byrd were great, as expected. Next week, watch them block. These fellas are complete receivers.

The OL was phenomenal - allowed one sack and opened huge holes. If the Tigers had elected to run between the tackles more, Scott could've had 250 yards on the day.

Richard Dickson is going to be an LSU fan favorite this year.


The DLine had a decent day, allowed only 60 yards rushing or so. Considering how elusive App State's backfield can be, that's a really good result. Only 3 sacks, though. But, again, Edwards is a bitch to tackle - I don't imagine he'll be sacked much this year by anyone.

LB play seemed very good to me, but the corners and safeties had some communication breakdowns that resulted in big plays for the Mountaineers. Expect this to get fixed very quickly. Patrick Peterson made his debut and was noticeable.


Punt returns were much better, with Chad Jones actually getting some yardage on two of his attempts. He bobbled one just a little, but otherwise was great. LSU was perfect on FG and extra points.

Otherwise, special teams were a little scary. Kickoff coverage was good (Ryan Baker made himself known), but the kicks themselves were very short. Punting continues to be just as heinous as it was in the Spring Game. Dalfrey was inconsistent and actually had a 14 yarder.

There are a lot of young guys on special teams, but if the punting game doesn't improve, LSU will lose a game because of it. You can take that to the bank.


Solid first game. Absolutely dominant in the first half, flat and struggling with tons of reserves playing in the second half. Nothing to worry about. If the Tigers stay healthy and Hatch protects the ball and can throw 20-25 yard strikes, then LSU will be better than most pundits think.

I'm pleased about everything but the punting team. Horrid.

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