Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Louis Coleman, lost in the shuffle

I learned from the Carl Dubois of the Advocate this past Sunday that "The Friday night Major League Baseball contract deadline for 2008 draft picks passed without Louis Coleman signing with the Washington Nationals, ensuring his return for his senior year at LSU." In short, this is awesome for LSU baseball.

Last year, Coleman was 8-1, had two saves and recorded a 1.95 ERA. We really needed this ace back since senior Jared Bradford departed. I think LSU can make another great run next year, and Coleman could play a huge part. Tigers making choices like this are what will restore LSU baseball to the stature we used to enjoy.

"I signed with the Tigers", said Coleman. Well said, young man, well said. Hope to see you in Omaha.

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  1. Yeah - i signed with the tigers because the nationals are so shitty and cheap that they didn't offer me enough. bet your ass if the red sox had drafted him, he wouldn't be saying that.


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