Wednesday, July 9, 2008

LSU Tigers Overcomes Pinko Sissy Adversity to Finish 8th

LSU to finised in top 10 of the Sports Academy Directors' Cup at #8, their highest finish ever. We did it the American way, winning titles and finding the highest levels of success in sports any American boy or girl would be proud to participate in: football, basketball, baseball and track & field (fancy nancy name for runnin').

Seriously, I think the Cup is an excellent report card on the overall health of your athletic department. Obviously, football is a huge, huge sport but it's counted the same. I don't completely buy that, but so be it. I'll take a top tier finish and a football title anytime. It shows LSU is kicking ass across the board. And this is mainly because of our bread & butter sports at LSU: track and field (another title for the women. men's tie for second), baseball was a pleasant surprise, coming in 5th and women's basketball (Final Four).

I've always stated LSU has a top notch athletic program. People would scoff. But the Tigers have always been successful in some combination of the sports they emphasize (football, basketball, baseball, t&f, gymnastics) compared to competitors who compete across the board, mainly loading up on Olympic sports (sissy Pac-10 and Eastern and yankee schools, to be addressed below). However, LSU is getting better and consistently competing well in many others such as tennis, golf, softball. I think the success this year is a high water mark and will be hard to duplicate.

But that doesn't mean I think LSU won't be getting anywhere close as the varying Tigers are finding success in more sports and more often. So I expect LSU to keep finding a spot in the top 15 or so. The LSU Athletic Department has made it known they consider Florida the class of the SEC in athletics and aim to emulate them. It shows in our current success and the improvements being made or planned to be made to a variety of facilities. In the meantime, this year was and is a fun time to be a Tiger.

Other tidbits: UF took the highest SEC result with 6th place and UGA finished 10th to give the SEC 3 teams in the top ten. The Pac-10 always posts a ton of teams up there but they play them sissyfied sports like fencing, water polo, rowing, badmitten and gift wrapping. Stuff a real man just don't have the time for. So yes, it's a handicap competing in fewer sports but we just can't stoop to their level. I think I speak for many when I say this type of success means something, but it pales in comparison to a football title. I love watching many of the sports LSU kicks ass in. But we all know football is the pinacle of pride, prestige, money and is thus the yardstick of most atheltic programs and prowess for our alma maters.

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