Friday, May 2, 2008

Time Passages

Doors close, others open.

For Perrilloux, the chance to lead a stacked team to another SEC (maybe even national) title is gone. But he's got a different chance now if he seizes it immediately - start over, new school, clean break, low expectations, rise from the ashes.

For LSU, the door closes on what was a painful drama filled with hope and disappointment. Now, there's a real chance for a RS Freshman to come in and make a statement on a team that is exactly set up to allow him to succeed. Or, perhaps an underdog Jr. transfer.

For Coach Les Miles, the chance to redeem a troubled, talented kid is gone. But now there's the opportunity to avoid what was an impending team disaster of a morale problem.

For LSU fans, we cans stop worrying about Perrilloux and start worrying about Lee and Hatch.

Time passages. Save me a ticket on the last train home...

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