Friday, April 18, 2008

Outgoing mail

In American warfare vernacular, outgoing mail is a term for friendly artillery intended for the enemy. Here at Tigerbait, it's a you tube to get you in the the right mood about the Tiger's whipping their next opponent and just getting out of the office for the weekend. I give you: Unsung, by Helmet, with old school mtv x badging.

The Tigers are home to take on Georgia. This might be the wrong weekend to expect LSU to sweep or even win the first couple of games. Well-regarded Georgia has good pitching and has done well against SEC opposition, sitting atop the East and the SEC at 12-3. Even so, I smell fear as none of the UGA bloggers (dawgsports, hey jenny slater) are discussing the match up.

Lately, the Tigers have often settle for a Sunday win as Friday and Saturday aces have held the Tigers down. But the bats have been waking up just a tad so maybe we will see some changes. Should be a beautiful weekend after the rain gets ouf of the way. So head out to the Box at 7pm Fri, 3 om Sat or noon on Sun. Tonight may well be rained out and so a gorgeous Saturday will most likely feature a double header.

See you Sunday.


  1. great song. still in heavy rotation on my ipod even after all these years.

    the fact that the sec allows ties is super gay. i know there are reasons, but i've yet to hear a reason that i've deemed acceptable.

  2. I have yet to form comprehensible words over the errors this weekend and the tie.


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