Thursday, April 24, 2008

Imagine that

LSU defeated Tulane Tuesday night, 8-4. LSU had 14 hits and zero errors. I got to watch the last couple of innings at the ER I decided to hang out in for about 5 hours (more on that in a sec).

So imagine that, LSU commits no errors, about the same run production and wins a game. It's only one game but it serves to illustrate the point. When the Tigers don't boot the ball about the infield and make plays, the other team has a harder time scoring.

That's a far cry from this past weekend's series with Georgia. Errors abounded and so did subsequent runs for the Bulldogs. The Tigers committed 11 errors on the weekend, 4 Friday, 4 Saturday and 3 Sunday. There were several instances of UGA scoring runs with two outs after errors has been committed. This is just bad baseball.

If LSU cuts out those errors and gets those outs to get out of the inning, I guarantee the Tigers don't go 0-2-1 against the best team in the SEC. Yes pitching is an issue. Clutch hitting pretty much doesn't exist. But if the errors are cut back on, this squad can play with the best of them and win.

It's a young team. Hopefully they can improve in every phase (hitting, pitching & fielding). It's the latter that would show immediate results. The Tulane game proves it.


  1. It's too bad that attendance seems to be slipping so much. I think Manieri deserves another year of unconditional support - he's proven he can recruit, the fans should give him a chance to coach them up. They've been close a lot this year. I have a feeling next season will be a break out season for them.

  2. SUpport of the new coach isn't even a concern of mine at this time. This team was left a shambles and it takes time to rebuild.

    I have the same feeling about next year. Hopefully, they are learning all they can and getting some positive experience/experience they can utilize for the end of this year and especially next year.


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