Saturday, January 12, 2008

Now What?

After what has to be the most memorable Tiger football season of all time, and a national championship, what do we do now? And by "we" I mean the hopelessly addicted fans of the Cardiac Cats. The Saints provide no refuge, having culminated in a heap of their own mediocrity. And I haven't cared about the NBA in years, so the Hornets don't help. Here are the options as I see them.

LSU Men's Basketball

The 2007/8 basketball team is interesting only in the same way that you can't resist watching a train plow into a bus. It's disgusting, disappointing, revolting, frustrating, gut-wrenching - but you just can't turn away. The recent crushing defeat by Miss St is a case in point. The Bulldogs (10-5) held the Tigers to 39 points. LSU shot 21% from the floor and was out-rebounded 46-29. Can you smell that? Yep - panic. It's in the air. Could the Tigers post a worse SEC record this year than last year (5-11, and 0-8 on the road)?

I'll be listening and watching at times. But I'm not sure how much suckiness I can stand now that I'm used to LSU football excellence.

I think Brady should go bye-bye after this season. Perhaps he's solely to blame, perhaps he's not. Doesn't matter. He's had eleven years (counting this one). His record so far is 191-134. LSU has had some good years under Brady and some horrible years. This should be his last year, whether he turns the turdboat around or not.

The Tigers play #16 Ole Miss this afternoon. Any bets on how long I listen? I'm guessing slightly into second half. We'll see.

LSU Ladies Basketball

In theory, this should by the answer, right-cha. The Lady Tigers are #11 in the country and have one of the most consistently outstanding basketball programs in the NCAA. They have big name talent, a new coach, what's not to like?

Thing is - and this is just my opinion - I get bored. I know, Title 9 and all that. I should support women's sports. Hell, I have two daughters and another on the way. (Sorry Mom and Dad if you read before I get a chance to tell you - it's a girl!) I love watching my oldest daughter play soccer. But beyond tennis and gymnastics (and maybe diving and downhill skiing), I can't think of very many competitive women's sports I enjoy watching. The play is much slower and much less physically impressive than the men. Yes - they are better than me. That's not the point. Even the now-legendary US women's Olympic soccer team was a chore for me to watch.

Sorry. Just an opinion, but vidicated by attendance stats and financial statements of almost all women's sports teams. It's not sexism - it's entertainmentism.

Football Recruiting

This topic is good for a few hours a week of entertainment, but I don't have the time or the connections to be an expert. So, I mostly read and definitely avoid commenting. Like fantasy football, I find it intriguing but don't have the time or discipline required to consistently nug into the details. National signing day is 6 Feb.

LSU Baseball

YES. I believe this is IT! First game on 22 Feb against Indiana at home! New coach, great expectations from a very strong off season and some really great recruiting. Chad Jones a two sport athlete and a MLB draft pick. Yeah, baby. This will definitely be the way I plan to fill the void left between the 7 Jan National Championship and the March Purple and Gold game.

So, for now - I'll tune into Jim Hawthorne and listen to the Tigers (more than likely) get crushed by Ole Miss (that just doesn't sound right, does it?). Perhaps I'll make plans for the Spring Game. Might be a great way to introduce my daughter to LSU football. One out of three are sure to provide me with a fellow traveler, don't you think?

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