Saturday, December 1, 2007

SEC Championship: First Half Buffoonery

[Cue Circus Music]

Tennessee 7, LSU 6

7 first half penalties. All three timeouts gone with almost an entire quarter to go. Confused formations. Stupid running decisions. Horrible kickoff coverage and execution. Two missed interceptions. Completely predictable play calling.

That is how LSU can crush Tennessee 273 yards to 95 but trail going into the locker room 7 to 6.

Don't even BEGIN to look at Colt David. Not his bad. He made two.

LSU should be embarrassing this team. Yet they continue to stop themselves.

The best part of the game so far is the defense. But rest assured Tennessee will adjust at halftime and LSU will have to score touchdowns to win this game.

Alright. What else should I have expected. LSU has done this all season long. Time to put this thing away. Perrilloux seems to be playing very well. Hope his leg is OK, because that option play keeps the Vols on their toes and opens up the passing game.


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