Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Big Week - Games of Interest

Games I'll be either watching, recording, or following on "the internets":

Thanksgiving Day

USC @ Arizona State (8pm on ESPN) - Oh, I'm watchin'! All Turkey'd up!

Why? Obviously, to pull for Arizona State. Duh! The lower ranking for USC when LSU wins the crystal football, the better! Yes, yes - I know, the Sol Diablos are #6 in the BCS, so shouldn't I want them to get another loss, just in case? Not at the cost of crushing USC just a little more. Call it a vice.

Friday, 23 Nov

Nebraska @ Colorado (Noon, CBS) - Internet.

Why? Bo Pelini-curiosity. That's why. Neither of these teams are anywhere on the BCS rankings, so I'll just pry the laptop away from my daughter and her, and follow along a bit.

Arkansas @ LSU (2:30, CBS) - Watch/Record/Internet/Holler/Scream/Voodoo Doll/WhatNot

Why? You know, who doesn't want to watch Darren McHeisman? As long as LSU wins, I'd love him to have a big game and compete for the trophy. As long as the Tigers win. Otherwise, break his legs and send him to the Home Depot human resources recruiter. All BS aside.

Boise State @ Hawaii (9pm, ESPN2) - Record it.

Why? This game features the ugliest uniforms ever, even worse than the Ducks/Beavers game coming up. Plus, Hawaii is a fun team to watch, and Boise State is their first real test this year. Oh - and they have this QB at Hawaii who can puh-lay.

Sat, 24 Nov

Virginia Tech @ Virginia (Noon, ESPN2) - Internets

Why? LSU stregnth of schedule if VT wins. That's pretty much it. Otherwise, been there, beat that, thanks for the defensive stats! Should be a good game, both teams are ranked. It's just that this is all about what VT can do for me and the Tigers.

Tennessee @ Kentucky (1:30, CBS) - Watch and Record.

Why? 'Cause if Tennessee beats the once-Wild Cats, then LSU and Tennessee meet in Atlanta for the SEC Championship Game on Dec 1st. If Kentucky finds it's happy place again, then LSU faces Jawja, in Jawja (Atlanta). Personally, I don't care. But lots and lots of people would rather play Tennessee than the apparently hot Bulldogs. I ain't scairt. But it will be interesting to see Tennessee for the first time this year (I've been distracted, sue me.)

Georgia @ Georgia Tech (3:30, ABC) Record it.

Why? I haven't watched Jawja play since the beginning of the season, when they were suckin', so I need to get a look at what all the fuss is about. If the Vols crap their beds against Kentucky, I'll want some TiVo to review before December 1st. Plus, I wonder if Mark Richt will do anything funky this week? Ya never know. And if he does, will Kentucky's Rich Brooks think it's all just bullshit? (If you read EDSBS, you know....)

UConn @ West Virginia (3:30, ABC) Internets.

Why? Because West Virginia just might make it to New Orleans and because UConn is ranked and might maybe kinda sorta hopefully have a shot at a late season upset, and who wouldn't want that against yet another highly mobile Heisman-candidate QB that LSU might have to play. Enough of that shite. Bring back Henig. Besides, too much gold for a BCS championship game, even in HD. And the whole purple jersey taboo thing for LSU, while going out of vogue, is still alive enough to make me root for UConn in this one just on color schemes alone.

Notre Dame @ Stanford (3:30, ESPN2) Watchin'.

Why? Because this is the "morbid curiosity" bowl of the day. On the one hand, I just HAVE to have me a 10 loss Domer season. Mmmm-mmmm good. On the other hand, what would embarrass USC fans more than to have the hapless Irish spank the Stanford team what ruined their hopes and dreams this year? There is really just no down side to this game for me. HA!

Oklahoma State @ Oklahoma (3:30, FSN) - the internets.

Why? Cause. Possible upset. Plus, I'd like to see Kansas try to beat both Mizzou and Oklahoma (conference championship) in the next two weeks. If they do that, then I believe they are really #2.

Florida State @ Florida (5, CBS) - the internets.

Why? Timmay for Heisman! This man-child needs a rest! If he doesn't implode mentally and physically by the end of the bowl season, it'll be a miracle. He'd get my vote. But only if he agrees to get the hell out of college football and go play noseguard for the Patriots. Who the hell wants to play this middle-linebacker-cum-quarterback for two more years? Git! Go on now! Git! Shoo!

Kansas @ Mizzou (8, ABC) - watchin' and recordin'

Why? Because Mizzou is the real deal and Kansas is a paper Jayhawk. Or not. This is the first real game Kansas has played all year. They just might earn their #2 ranking. Or, they might be exposed. Either way, if LSU wins out, and Kansas wins out, I'll want this one on tape.

Bammer @ The Barn (8, ESPN) - internets

Why? Because, although I wish Saban no harm, 6-6 is a fitting record for Alabama this year. And I'm hoping Auburn gives it to them.

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