Saturday, December 1, 2007

BASKETBALL (Wed): Nicholls State 41, LSU 68

Just had a chance to watch this one on

GOOD: LSU blocked lots of shots, was 73% from the FT line, and Thornton had 24 points. Also, center Chris Johnson looks like he's going to be very good, though he needs to put some weight on - he's SKIIIIIIIny! [edited: 1 Dec]

BAD: Turnovers. Oh. My. Horrible. Really. Just horrible. Without the turnovers, LSU beats Nicholls by 40. With the turnovers, LSU loses to almost anybody else.

Watching this team, I get the sense that there's a ton of athletic talent on the team but very little discipline and game saavy at this point. There's not enough talent to compete nationally yet, but if they can stop making horrid numbers of mistakes, they may be able to upset a lot of teams and develop into a contender next year.

This team is fun/frustrating to watch.

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  1. "very little discipline and game saavy"

    did you somehow forget who the coach is?


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