Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Gator Roundup: Tuesday

Here's a roundup of what's being said about Florida this week.

Florida senior Safety Tony Joiner - not exactly grand theft auto, but still stupid. I'm guessing he'll still play. EDSBS's hillarious take here.

Florida senior offensive lineman Trautwein out for the season. But he hasn't played all year, so not a big change.

Florida players questioned in club shooting - not suspects, probably wrong place, wrong time.

Urban Meyer after Auburn loss: "At no point in that game did I feel comfortable enough to turn around and hand it off." Let's hope the number one defense in the country continues to frustrate the Gators.

Meyer on this year's Gator team and LSU:

We have a tremendous challenge going into this week. I have been
asked how this compares to last year and I think we are on a different planet than a year ago. Our whole intent to make sure that we get better and that is it. There is not going to be a big rally cry and have a bunch of slogans around here, it just has to get better. The good thing is when I start reading off a bunch of young players who graded champions against Auburn, they have to prove it this week because we are playing probably one of the most talented teams in America. I do not think I have seen any team more talented.

"Glenn Dorsey hunkers down at the line and his huge, mean ass looms like the black sun of hell setting on the forlorn landscape of the damned." EDSBS strikes again and hopes, if Florida is to lose two in a row, that LSU proves to be Hobbes' Leviathan.

Keltic Gator at Orange and Blue Hue: "Florida has a defense that can either be pushed down the field slowly or (if they get more aggressive) can be gashed by big plays." I like the sound of that. I hope he's right.

Channeling Patton over at Aligator Army. Nice idea - but Patton would like Les Miles better, I think. He's a little less metrosexual.

SI's Mandel on Florida and Tebow:
The (Auburn) Tigers uncovered what many had secretly suspected:
That Tim Tebow is in fact human. It’s not that the Gators’ sophomore QB had a bad game. Far from it. The problem is Florida has become almost entirely dependent on him, and a one-trick pony offense doesn’t work against a defense as stout as Auburn’s.

Here's to a more stouterer defense driving that lesson home this Saturday.

Dan Borst at FoxSports: "It's hard to imagine the Gators dropping two straight. But then, it's also hard to imagine the Gators winning at Baton Rouge." (Scroll to the bottom)

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