Saturday, September 29, 2007

WHEW! LSU 34 Tulane 9

Rather than waste a lot of time on this mess of a game, I think it's best to just get to the point of it.

15 penalties for 91 yards! WTFO?

6 sacks for 44 yards lost! WTFO?

It's tempting to launch into a long diatribe about the first half, and the offensive line, and the dropped balls, and the crappy passing, etc.

Instead, consider this: LSU had 15 penalties and 6 sacks and still beat Tulane 34-9. And it could have been 55-9, but Coach Miles decided to play respectfully rather than like Florida or Oklahoma. Let's say that again - 15 PENALTIES - OMG! Damn near 100 yards in penalties?

More analysis later, but for now - let's enjoy a win and hope this was the most undisciplined play we'll see all year - because the schedule from here on out is a bit challenging....

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