Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Sunday Soapbox - Tuesday Version

The Va Tech game has garnered a lot of national respect for the Tigers. And it should've. Only time will tell how good VT really is (or isn't), but no matter. LSU looked very, very good. Anytime you can rack up 600 yards of offense on a #1 ranked defense for two years running with lots of returning talent, you're doing things right.

Since it's already Tuesday, I'll resist the urge to recap and gush over the offense and the defense. It's all been said, very well, and there's no use me piling on. Instead, I have two topics for this version of the Soapbox - Matt Flynn and the tightends - that I don't think are getting quite enough coverage yet.

Flynn looks awesome. Of course, he's not putting up numbers like some of the current Heisman Trophy watchlist, but let's put it all in perspective. Flynn is solid at 63%, 2 TDs, no picks, and 54 yards rushing. Now, go back and look at both games if you have them on DVR. Fast forward through to the passing plays and watch Flynn. Count how many of his incomplete passes were either well thrown and dropped or intentionally thrown away to avoid a sack or interception. It's impressive. I guarantee that Flynn is turning a lot of pro scouts heads right now. I predict that, like last year, the leading QB Heismann candidate will be a flashy passer with big numbers but Flynn will go before that QB in the draft. He's mature, he's big and strong, he's got a very good arm and a very good sense for the game, he's versatile, and he's fast. By the end of the year, if he stays healthy, I think Flynn will begin to generate some Heisman talk and the nation (like Herbie from ESPN) will take note.

While I think we've seen Flynn and K. Williams and Lafell break out, we still haven't seen the tightends figure into the offense. OK, I mean in teh sense that they haven't directly produced yardage. According to SI's stats page, they have yet to catch a pass. THIS IS ACTUALLY GOOD NEWS. If we can crush VT and still have a weapon in our arsenal that hasn't been revealed yet, I think that's a good thing. I look forward to Dickson and Zinger becoming big factors as the season matures.

So...that's all I'll say. Everyone else has said plenty. The BCS championship game is the Tigers' to lose at this point. The remainder of the season will require focus and discipline, as talk intensifies about Miles' future and a matchup with USC in New Orleans.

I'm going to try to do my part by focusing on the next game. Which is South Carolina - no wait, damn it, Middle Tennessee....

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