Sunday, September 16, 2007

So, how good is South Carolina (3-0, 1-0)? Here's my attempt at analyzing their season so far.

Da Ragin Cajuns (0-3) - Cocks win 28-14.

ULL has lost three straight to SC, Ohio (2-1), and McNeese State (2-0). They have what appears to be a fairly productive offense, but not much defense. The Cocks logged over 430 yards of offense, but allowed the Cajuns over 300 yards of their own and, just before halftime, the score was tied 14-14 until the Cocks scored a touchdown with 24 seconds remaining in the 2nd quarter. Overall, the Cajuns stayed relatively close most of the game and the Cocks allowed them to put together drives of 80 and 89 yards for their two scores.

Da Dawgs (2-1) - Cocks win 16-12.

Jawja beat OSU and Western Carolina, but dropped a FG-fest to the Cocks that Spurrier called an "ugly game." The game was balanced and either team could have won it. Not much to take from this one since both teams are tough SEC foes and were evenly matched. Only time will tell if they are evenly good or evenly not-so-good. Jawja plays Bammer this week, so maybe we'll get a better picture next Sunday. Of course, by then we won't give a crap!

Da Other Dawgs (1-2) - Cocks win 38-3.

South Carolina State has lost to the Cocks and the undefeated AF Falcons, but beat Bethune-Cookman. Yet the Other Dawgs were able to put up 264 yards of offense and generate 6 turnovers against the Cocks. Once again, the run defense suffered the most for the Cocks, allowing 196 yards on the ground.


South Carolina has what appears to be a productive offense, but a suspect defense, especially against the run. In fact, the Cajun's aptly named quarterback, Desormeaux, ran for 116 yards against the Cocks. That bodes well for both of our top QBs but especially for Flynn. And LSU has such a balanced attack that I don't think the Cocks will be able to hold our passing game down as they did against both ULL and South Carolina State University.

Back to the offense, if the Cocks turn the ball over half as much next week as they did this week, it won't be pretty for them. And of course they will face the best defense in the country - objectively and subjectively. If they could only manage one TD against Jawja, then they must be a tad concerned about our Chinese Bandits.

Later in the week I'll try to look deeper into the USC roster. But for now, I don't see much clear and present danger here. It's the SEC, though. So danger always lurks and waits - Miles will have the boyz ready.

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