Tuesday, September 4, 2007

It NEVER rains in Tiger Stadium on Saturday nights...well, maybe not NEVER, but definitely SELDOM?


  1. My query is why does irony rule so frquently in the publishing world? John Ed Bradley, though no doubt a talented football player among countless others, decides, and I know him well, to attempt, with his still ingrained hypocrisy and inauthenticity as a human to write a book of his "redemption"? Bin Laden or Bush have a better shot at success in the end zone than Bradley. Perhaps it never rained in Tiger Stadium but the man was and, I am certain, still is, a lurching rain cloud over every individual he meets particularly the countless women he psychologically abused in a path of destruction emulating Katrina.

  2. Well, since I don't know John Ed, I guess you win. You certainly have an opinion. Perhaps I'll research and get back to you.

  3. To begin, this is an amazing book. Brutally honest, insightful and beautifully written, as are all of John Ed's books. Wow, apparently somebody was JILTED! You know, turned down, dumped, etc. Can you say "bitter," with nothing better to do? I happen to know John Ed Bradley quite well and his talent and book are what you should be attacking instead of lashing out at him personally because he rejected you (and now we know why.) This is so obviously written by someone who sits around all day with nothing better to occupy your time. Your pseudo-intellectual rant is certainly revealing... GET OVER IT, MOVE ON, you seem like you've probably read the book "HE'S NOT THAT INTO YOU!!! GO TIGERS!!!


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