Monday, September 3, 2007

I'm watching the LSU/MSU game again - because DVR is the best thing since penicillin.

Here's a couple of (re)observations.

It was raining HARD during parts of the game. The fact that the offense didn't even come close to losing the ball is a testament to these guys. Great job.

Although I continue to struggle understanding Coach Miles' decision to make him a HB/TB/non-FB (whatever), Jacob Hester is a stud. Blocking, running - what a dude.

Matt Flynn played an awesome game. Remember, it was raining big time. AND, the Dawgs have what I think will prove to be a tough SEC defense. Flynn ran too much, I think, but he also used his mobility to find a clear spot to throw from multiple times. Russell was a great QB (obviously), but I think Flynn could have stepped in at any time and been "the man." I really think Flynn will prove to be one of the finer QBs in the NCAA this year. I think he's an NFL QB, no doubt.

Early Doucet is a very good receiver. He made some clutch receptions, one or two in traffic, that kept drives going. Much to look forward to.

I think Keiland Williams is the LSU tailback we've been waiting for. I'm not sure what Les is waiting for.

The offensive line kept us from really blowing this thing apart. There were multiple crucial penalties and missed blocks that stalled drives and forced punts.

Speaking of punts....special teams were very good during this game. Very good. Only one short kickoff that gave MSU field position. Still hate that punt formation, but what the heck. No blocks and a 45 yard average with small returns. So, I guess I'm wrong.

I guess I have to say it - MSU's QB Henig is NOT good.

LSU's defense is VERY good. VERY good. And DEEP.

Pelini may not be here next year. In fact, I'm surpised MSU didn't offer him the job after the game...

A large chunk of the passing yardage Henig did get was on a 45 yarder in the 3rd qtr that was LUCKY! Dorsey clocked him and Zenon was all over the receiver - it was a lucky grab.

Henig didn't get sacked more because he was scairt - he threw 6 ints partly because he was feeling/hearing/seeing LSU's defense all the time. I wish I had the patience to count how many times he threw the ball immediately after the snap to avoid getting his clock cleaned.

Six interceptions may have kept the offense in MSU territory so much that it skewed the offensive yardage stats. Maybe. I'm hesitant because we punted A LOT.

MSU, I think, will give lots of teams trouble because, I think, their defense is pretty good. And Dixon is a strong RB.

I think VT is in trouble.

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