Sunday, September 2, 2007

A few quick thoughts on VT's win over ECU and what it may (or may not) say about next Saturday's matchup.

VT looked a little like LSU today - good on defense, struggling a bit on offense. The difference, though - and it's not a small difference - is that LSU's defense looked better and LSU's offense scored more easily.

ECU stayed close the entire game and the stats show it. And we should keep in mind - I think ECU looked like a better team than MSU. But not so much better that Tiger fans shouldn't feel good about our chances this coming Saturday.

VT's defense is good, but not as dominant as I think the Tigers are and will continue to be. For instance, VT didn't have a sack all day. Also, ECU had 12 penalties, and had them at very bad times. So that helped kill any momentum they might have built. But the VT defense is good and they will make it tough for LSU to score. Also, they will likely give VT's offense at least a couple of good field position situations.

VT's offense is not so good. Their running game was poor, even though they have a good running back in Ore, who had about 70 yards. After losses and sacks, the Hokies had less than 40 yards on the ground against a team they should have run on with far more ease. The passing game was better, but looked forced and rushed most of the game. Glennon was sacked 4 times on his way to a respectable 22/33 for 245 yards and a TD. Also, the VT offense had 3 turnovers (2 fumbles, 1 interception).

There will be lots of good commentary out there over the next week, and I'll link to the experts as they develop a good picture of the matchup.

But my gut tells me that VT is slightly overrated in the polls and will find it difficult to stay with the Tigers next Saturday, particularly since it's a home opener. LSU won't be looking past VT - they'll be looking right at them. If the offense can minimize the mistakes and take advantage of opportunities when they are there, then I think we'll see LSU win with surprising ease.

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