Friday, August 31, 2007

Post Game Analysis

Well, I said I'd post a deeper analysis. However, after studying the game a bit, I don't think there's much more to say. The "defense was in command", and I think they're also extremely deep in talent. That bodes well for the rest of the year, regardless of who the Tigers face. The offensive line has to improve if Flynn is to have time to throw the ball and the tailbacks are to have a chance to break out. To this point, Dandy Don adds:

It appeared to me that Carnall Stewart was beaten on a few plays and he had a couple of false start penalties called against him. Stewart was starting his first game and will get better as the season goes.

I think he's being generous. Don is a gentleman. Flynn was sacked at least four times that I remember, and rushed quite a bit more. VT is going to be much better than MSU, so there's some doubt in my mind at this point about LSU's chances of putting up a lot of points next weekend.

Special teams played well. The new kickoff rules seemed not to come into play, other than an extra four or five yards of field position for MSU after LSU scores. Punt and kickoff coverage seemed pretty good and, as the ESPN broadcast team said repeatedly, LSU is fast.

So, not much else to dive into. MSU never had a prayer, so drawing too many conclusions from this game would be a mistake. Their QB, Henig, had a very bad night and LSU's defense had a lot to do with that. Coach Miles has a ton of talent on his hands and a few serious challenges to keep him busy. The first serious challenge to national championship hopes comes next Sat in the form of a very talented and possibly underrated Virginia Tech team. The Tigers don't have much time to improve the offensive line. And VT's defense will probably be one of the best in the nation this year.

Fantastic start for the Tigers. Overconfidence would be a mistake, but I don't think that's a problem with a legitimate threat coming to Tiger Stadium next week. Bring it on!

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