Thursday, August 30, 2007

First Half - LSU 17, MSU 0

No surprise that the defense is playing well. MSU had one good drive, but Henig has thrown 4 interceptions in the first half and I can't think of a single team in the country who'd be able to survive that. If Henig doesn't bounce back and improve, this will be a LONG season for MSU.

Hester has 47 yards on the ground and 10 receiving, and Flynn is running well (29 yards), although every time he takes a hit to his legs, I cringe. Doucet has 5 catches for 38 yards.

Flynn is 8-13 for 83 yards. He started out cold, with a dropped ball or two and some intentional throwaways. I have to say, I'm wondering about the offensive line. Is MSU's defense underrated, or is the offensive line still trying to gel, as some have said?

Good result so far for LSU, but I'm not that impressed with the offense - after 4 interceptions, there should be at least one more TD on the board.

Of course, the rain could have something to do with it.

Game's on. Back later.

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